We Heart Our Homes

Our lives are ever-changing. We chase our dreams and reach our goals, sometimes in homes we were born in, often in homes we make far away from home. The thing that never changes is the idea of home. Never mind the address, it remains our sacred space. A place where we keep our belongings, where we return to rest, where we share meals with loved ones, and where we raise our families.

Fusion Access is here to help you build homes and build memories, one important piece at a time.

"Design, at Fusion Access, is like solving a puzzle. There are many pieces but they all come together to make a fabulous space."

- Shilpa Kalanjee

Furniture By Design

When we launched in 1997, our mission was to introduce ‘mixed media’ to design. We borrowed this term from the art world, integrating different materials in our pieces to reflect our dynamic lives.

Our pieces of furniture are versatile keepsakes. They stay with you even as you move homes, or move rooms around. Each piece speaks in several languages and can blend into varying surroundings and genres.

Fine Craftsmanship

We are committed to high quality craftsmanship. Our artisans sustain us in keeping our work in fine form. We, in turn, are dedicated to organise this unorganised pool of talent by paying fair wages and assisting them through the ‘digital India’ landscape. Our products primarily use recycled Burma teak, a gold standard in wood.
We are proudly turning greener by managing our waste better. Leftover foam is used in making pillows for orphanages. Wood wastage is donated for use as fuel.

Nuts and Bolts

Our methods are planned with the intent of personalising your space, in tune with your needs and your style. An accurate layout ensures sizing is optimal. Your requirements are then noted in detail and drawings are made for approval.

We develop samples and finishes, and provide mock-ups where required to tailor to proportions and comfort. In the end, what you have is a handcrafted, highly sophisticated piece that has best brought your vision to life.